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Compostable bags are a new generation of plastic packaging which are biodegradable and compostable.

They are generally made from renewable raw materials such as corn or potato starch and are not toxic in production. When composted they will decompose back into carbon dioxide, water or biomass. Some compostable plastics may derive from petroleum or made by bacteria through a process of microbial fermentation.

So what is the difference between compostable and biodegradable bags?

Biodegradable bags will degrade as a result of bacterial activity. In order to also be classified compostable, the degradation must meet certain specified criteria such as rate biodegradation, maximum residue of material left at a specific point in time and a requirement for the material to have no harmful impact on the final compost or the composting process. All compostable plastic is therefore also biodegradable.


Suppliers and manufacturers of biodegradable packaging:

  • Compost Bag
    Website specialised in compostable packaging. Find suppliers and information about compostable bags.

Research and resources

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What other sites are saying about recycled packaging:

Which type of bags can I use in my green wheelie bin for composting?
Source: Teignbridge

Just because some bags say 'degradable' and 'bio-degradable' does not mean they are compostable. You can only put compostable bags in your green wheelie bin, and they must be ones that have been approved by Teignbridge District Council. The reason for this is that there are so many different types of bags on the market, all claiming different things, some of which are not proven or the statement can be misleading. We ensure a high level of compliance monitoring of the green bins is maintained in order to ensure we are producing good quality compost with minimal contamination.

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